A Tale of Two Pizzas

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A Tale of Two Pizzas

A romantic comedy that delivers!

  • A Tale of Two Pizzas

    A Tale of Two Pizzas, Vincent Sassone’s four time audience award winning first feature (2004 Sarasota Film Festival, 2004 Food in Film Festival (Italy), 2005 Mass Bay Film Festival, 2007 Sweet Onion International Film Festival), starring Vincent Pastore and Frank Vincent (THE SOPRANOS), was released theatrically and on DVD.
    Written & Directed by Vincent Sassone
    Produced by Frederic B Vogel, Patricia Zagarella, Van Papadopolou
    Cinematography by Peter Nelson
    Original Score by Peter Fish
    Vocals by Freddy Cole
    Edited by Robert Pennington
    Casting by Rob Decina

    Festivals & Awards: JVC America Indies Series, American Pavillion, Cannes 2003; 2003 Northampton Film Festival, 2004 Sarasota International Film Festival (Audience Award); 2004 Food in Film Festival, Piedmont Italy (Audience Award); 2004 Sonoma Valley Film Festival; 2004 Daytona Beach Film Festival; 2004 Mass Bay Film Festival (Audience Award); 2006 Brooklyn Academy of Music Digifest; 2007 Sweet Onion International Film Festival (2007)
    Theatrical Release (2005): Daytona Beach, FL (independent) ; Naples, FL (independent) ; Gainesville, FL(independent) ; Sarasota, FL (Regal); Atlanta, GA (Regal); Palm Desert, CA (Cinema Palm D'Or); Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM Cinemas); NYC (AMC)
    DVD Release (2007): New Video
    Backstory: When Vincent Pastore received the script to A Tale of Two Pizzas, it was at the bottom of a pile of horror movie scripts and tagged with a sticky note that read "No money." Pastore read Sassone's script, liked it and sent Sassone a handwritten note telling him that he was interested in playing the role of Vito Rossi and that Sassone could use Pastore's name and photo, a handful of which were included, to convince investors the project had merit. Pastore asked Sassone to consider Frank Vincent, Pastore's friend, for the role of Frank Bianco. Sassone of course agreed and after a thorough interrogation by Frank Vincent over lunch at Joe Allen's, Sassone had the beginning of his cast and was well on his way, with the help of a team of producers and executive producers led by Broadway producer Frederic B Vogel, to capitalization. After three years of unsuccessful attempts by various producers to shoot his feature, Italian Lessons at a budget of $3M, A Tale of Two Pizzas, budgeted under $1M, with a cast of seasoned veterans and exciting newcomers, made it to production in less than a year.

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